Walter Lightfoot Jr. Bio

Walter (DJ Lightfoot), a single dad of two pre-teen gentlemen that enjoys music, fishing and working out. Very laid back, mostly reserved and calm collected in nature, but is mostly known to those around him as a workaholic and introvert whom is transformed through music. In fact, he’s often told that music tends to bring out an energetic alter ego when he’s performing.

Since a very young age, Walter’s passion has always been in music (mostly classics), and he was also a section leader in the high school band.

Walter always had a strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur. With a deep background of 15 years in Healthcare I.T. and surgery coordinator roles, Walter decided to leave and pursue his passion fulltime. This allowed the freedom to have more time at home with family while also working on his Multi-OP businesses.

His strengths are his work ethic, tenacity and sheer desire to entertain people through music.

Walter began his career as a DJ in the mid 80’s while in elementary school. His older brother, Corey (known as DJ Boogie Down) formed a DJ group and was a major influence and mentor. Walter started to DJ as a hobby, spinning turntables and tape decks at private parties and school events. On weekends when there were no scheduled gigs, Walter would practice live outside in the yard while DJ’ing for the neighborhood friends. He soon started making cassette mix tapes for his customers and friends. Over the years he developed a passion for mixing and blending a diversity of music and being able to set the tone and entertain large crowds. This positioned him into playing at large festivals, school dances and other venues throughout Florida.

Walter is often using the phrase “Music is Therapy”, when speaking of his self project to find new ways of incorporating wellness and music.

To pursue his vision, in 2017 Walter launched Lightfoot Premier Entertainment, LLC. DJ’s and Event Planning company and has partnered with a local fitness trainer and nutritionists to collaborate and provide services for the active senior community.

Among the company’s goals is to build a solid customer base, broaden its services, gain opportunities and partnerships in order to create opportunities such as jobs and provide a positive environment for at-risk youth to learn about music mixing and production.

Walter’s commitment is to remain focused on providing exceptional services each and every day.